One Caucasus Festival

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Volunteers from all over the world

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One Caucasus Festival brings together musicians, artists, architects, educators and volunteers from all over the world.

Festival of the next generation

One Caucasus brings together kids, teenagers, youngsters, adults and elderly people.

Change beyond the festival grounds

Together with local communities, we organize workshops for youth from Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. We focus on creating and running interdisciplinary workshops using a learning-by-doing method.

Festival made by people for people

In addition to creating excellent events during the festival itself, we work on local, participatory democracy and interdisciplinary art projects, co-created with the local communities.


Our Culture

Learn more about our values values

One Caucasus is fully based on the concept of co-creation. It wouldn’t work if not for dozens of international volunteers who invest their talents, skills and passion. It wouldn’t work if not for the involvement of local communities of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian villages of Kvemo-Kartli. At One Caucasus, we are passionate about local culture, international exchange, and human rights.

In 2023 One Caucasus will stand again for Peace, Freedom, Human Life & Dignity. That’s why One Caucasus supports Ukraine, following Russia’s invasion. 


One Caucasus People

Meet our Coordinators Volunteers

Abdulmumeen Sidiq

Executive Director, Nigeria

Anita Krasowska

Evaluation Coordinator & Marketing Team, Poland

Misha Aslikyan

Logistic Coordinator, Georgia

Vugar Aliyev

Workshop Team, Azerbaijan

David Córdoba Bou

Workshop Team, Spain

Mikołaj Bogudał

Workshop Team, Poland

Iryna Dumina

Workshop Team, Ukraine

Melanya Hovhannisyan

Workshop Team, Armenia

Vani Aslikyan

Logistic Team, Georgia

Witek Hebanowski

Art Director, Poland

Michał Szymanderski-Pastryk

Marketing Coordinator, Poland

Ketevan Mchedlishvili

Workshop Team, Georgia

Baptiste Asencio

Construction Team, France

Dominika Budkus

Marketing Team, Poland

Aubérica Gilly

Workshop Team, France

Meri Grigoryan

Workshop Team, Armenia

Ali Mahmudlu

Workshop Team, Azerbaijan

Tomasz Bersz

Workshop Team, Poland

Lude Victor Reno

Workshop Coordinator, France

Teona Chachua

Marketing specialist, Georgia

Anastasia Jgarkava

Workshop Team, Georgia

Narmin Hasanova

Marketing Team, Azerbaijan

Temo Afrasidze

Construction Team, Georgia

Anfisa Silichenko

Workshop Team, Ukraine


Cooking Team, Georgia


Cooking Team, Georgia

Polina Vietrova

Architecture Coordinator, Ukraine

Gvantsa Gogiashvili

Volunteers Coordinator, Georgia

Kamilla Kaiser

Workshop Team, Hungary

Alyssa Mathias

Marketing & Workshop Teams, USA

Anano Afrasidze

Marketing Team, Georgia

Ana Tvalavadze

Logistic & Organisation Team, Georgia


Cooking Team, Georgia


Cooking Team, Georgia