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General FAQs ​

First-time visitors often have lots of questions about planning a trip to the One Caucasus Festival. Below is a list of the most often-asked questions. If yours is not there, you are most welcome to contact us:

No, entrance to the festival is completely free! Join us for a wonderful time at the One Caucasus Festival without any admission fees. Experience the magic of the festival without any cost. See you there!

For a special experience, consider our Co-Creator Pass, which ensures a tent and a shaded location at the One Caucasus Camping Zone from August 24th to 27th.

Festival Accessibility: Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity!

At the One Caucasus Festival, we believe in a truly inclusive experience where everyone is warmly welcomed. Our festival is open to all kinds of people, celebrating diversity and fostering a sense of togetherness.

We are committed to ensuring that our festival town is easily accessible for individuals with disabilities and special preferences. Our headquarters, located in the nearby school building, has been designed with easy accessibility in mind, accommodating disabled individuals effortlessly.

The dedicated One Caucasus workshop team has gone the extra mile to enhance accessibility. They crafted a wooden access ramp, enabling individuals with disabilities or those using wheelchairs to enter the building with ease. It is our firm belief that everyone should have equal opportunities to participate in and enjoy the festival.

Join us for a memorable 4-day cultural celebration in Tserakvi, Georgia, and explore the accommodation options available for a comfortable stay during the festival.

Camping: Immerse yourself in the festival spirit by camping on-site. We provide designated camping areas with basic facilities for tents. This is a fantastic way to connect with fellow attendees and fully experience the vibrant atmosphere.

Guesthouses: Enjoy a cozy and private stay in local guesthouses. Tserakvi and nearby areas may have a few options available. 

Nearby Towns: If you prefer more choices, consider looking for accommodations in nearby towns like Marneuli, Shulaveri and Shaumiani. They are relatively close to Tserakvi and offer additional lodging options.

Please remember that Tserakvi is a charming village, and while our accommodation options might not be as extensive as in big cities, we strive to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

How can I reach Tserakvi for the festival?

There are several convenient travel options to get to Tserakvi for the One Caucasus Festival:

By Car:

To reach Tserakvi, take the Marneuli-Sadakhlo road, which is part of the Tbilisi-Yerevan route. If you are traveling from Tbilisi, turn right in Shulaveri. Tserakvi is approximately 72 km away from Tbilisi, and the journey takes about 1 hour and 20-30 minutes by car.

By Bike:

For cycling enthusiasts, you can pedal your way to the festival. For an adventurous and eco-friendly journey, learn practical tips for traveling by bike through Caucasus countries:

By Bus:

For your convenience, we have organized free bus transportation for registered festival attendees. The bus schedules to Tserakvi are as follows:

From Tbilisi: Buses depart at 12:00 pm and 04:00 pm. The meeting point is at Rose Revolution Square, near the Big Black Bicycle (see map).

From Marneuli: Buses depart at 01:00 pm and 05:00 pm from Marneuli Culture Centre.

Returning Bus Schedule:

Buses will depart 15 minutes after the end of the last performance, ensuring a hassle-free journey back.

Choose your favorite way to travel, and join us at the One Caucasus Festival to be part of this incredible celebration of culture, creativity, and community in Tserakvi!

The school building in Tserakvi will be equipped with a few wi-fi hot-spots, so we highly recommend you take your laptop or other equipment (such as photo/video camera, etc.)

The weather in Tserakvi in August is usually hot and sunny; however, due to the mountainous location it is usually cooler than in the Eastern part of the Marneuli region and Tbilisi. During the second half of August it can be chilly at night. 

This year, we have 48 musicians registered to participate in the festival: 21 Georgian, 11 Armenian/Azerbaijani, and 16 international.

Tserakvi Village and the One Caucasus Festival offer you a free-of-charge camping field at the festival venue. This year, you must register to stay in the camping zone. 

You can also rent a room in Tserakvi or stay in the hotel in Marneuli or Tbilisi.

Families are the heartbeat of our celebrations. Come together to create cherished memories that will endure forever. From the youngest to the oldest, delight awaits everyone. Laughter, music, and love fill the air as we embrace unity. Join our festival family, and let joy abound!

"At One Caucasus, music and art erase borders. In Kvemo-Kartli, this festival turns diversity into a shared harmony where we all connect, no matter our age, race, or where we're from."