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Celebrate creativity and cultural exchange with artists from all over the world. Our festival features international art exhibitions, world music performances, and film showcases. Engaging workshops, cultural talks, and community interactions promote unity and understanding through the power of art. Join us for a harmonious celebration of global talent and diverse perspectives.

One Caucasus

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The experience at One Caucasus was extremely positive, meeting Azeris (both living in Georgia and from Azerbaijan) who were eager to make friends with Armenians and enjoy the festival together.

Charlie Rose The Regional Post

The Caucasus suffers from many conflicts. The region of Marneuli is a borderland of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and is known for being a place where many ethnic and religious groups have been living in peace for many years. It is quite unique in the Caucasus which continues to suffer from a range of conflicts and tensions. Georgian press

One Caucasus is doing a wonderful work so why won''t you shout out... One Caucasus Gaumarjos?!

Tamada, 2022 Artist

Flew across the world with @huntertonesband and found a brand new family. Words can’t really capture how close we got to all of these incredible people from all over the world who helped put on the @one_caucasus festival. Honored to make music at an event that promotes positivity and peace in a region of the world that really needs it. Another experience I’ll never forget.

Jon Lampley, 2016 Huntertones/Jon Batiste Band/Late Show Band/Stay Human

Greatest gathering of youth from around the planet. Participate as a volunteer or as a musician.

Luciano Gloor (1949-2020) International Expert on Culture Policies, Movie Producer


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One Caucasus Festival

School, Tserakvi, Marneuli district, Kvemo-Kartli region, Georgia

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