Pricing Table

Admission to the festival is free, but you pay for extras for t-shirts for snacks

Basic Registration

Standard Package
  • All concerts
  • All film shows
  • Free marshrutka from Marneuli/Tbilisi*
  • Camping field*

Co-creator pass

with various options including:
15* for a tent per day
  • All concerts
  • All film shows
  • Free marshrutka from Marneuli/Tbilisi
  • Camping field
  • Guaranteed place for a tent in the shade
  • One Caucasus T-shirt & Mug
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

One Caucasus is fully based on the concept of co-creation. It wouldn’t work if not for dozens of international volunteers who invest their talents, skills and passion. It wouldn’t work if not for the involvement of local communities of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian villages of Kvemo-Kartli.

Now you also have your chance to become co-creator of One Caucasus by coming to Tserakvi and enjoying the 2023 One Caucasus Festival with our special offer of a Co-Creator Pass. With a Co-Creator Pass you will support this free-of-charge festival that makes a difference.

Register Now!

The OC Co-Creator Pass ensures:

  • guaranteed seat on the free transportation to/from the One Caucasus Festival (from Tbilisi or Marneuli)
  • priority selection of a spot in the One Caucasus camping field (in the shade),
  • additional activities, including guided hiking tours in the mountains of Tserakvi, 
  • meetings with invited musicians and other One Caucasus personnel, 
  • major discounts on tent and sleeping bag/mat rental, 
  • breakfast and lunch, and festival merchandising (t-shirt, mug).

If you have questions contact us: +995591007187