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We are happy to announce One Caucasus Festival, a unique and vibrant live music and celebration of art & cultural Performance in Tserakvi, Georgia (map)  that gives opportunity to musicians from all parts of the world. As we prepare for this unforgettable event, we are thrilled to invite talented artists/bands like you to be part of our grand stage and share your remarkable live music performances.

We warmly welcome musicians/bands from all musical genres and backgrounds to apply for an opportunity to perform at One Caucasus Festival Live this year it will take place on 22-25 August. Whether you are a solo artist, a dynamic band, an acoustic, an experimental group, or a traditional & contemporary dancer solo/group we invite you to share your unique talent with a global audience. Apply now!

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Deadline: 30th of April 2024!

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Music Collaborations

Check out the remarkable project of One Caucasus, an exemplary illustration of One Caucasus Music. It's the result of collaboration among nine bands from seven different countries: Georgia, Poland, Senegal, Great Britain, Jamaica, the USA, and Nigeria, working on ten extraordinary joint music projects.


Our festival’s roots trace back to the visionary efforts of joint team of Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian and Polish activists and artists in early 2010s. From its inception as the Transkaukazja festival in Warsaw, it has blossomed into a transformative journey, transcending borders and boundaries, celebrating the vibrant diversity of the Caucasus region through the universal language of music and various disciplines of arts and civic engagement.

The One Caucasus Festival
occurs annually in August in the open natural, ample theatre of the eccentric, mountainous, and beautiful village of Tserakvi. Located in Marneuli, a city in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia, Tserakvi is a border village shared by Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This four-day-long event, known as the One Caucasus Festival, serves as a showcase for international musicians who collaborate to create unique and magnificent sounds alongside other international artists, as well as local established artists and aspiring developing talents. The festival epitomizes an international blend of music from around the world, featuring an innovative mix of genres including folk, pop, rock, gospel, soul, jazz, and many more, resulting in an incredible music experience. One Caucasus has proudly presented 780 musicians and 122 bands from 23 countries, organizing 62 international music projects.

10 Years of One Caucasus

Our journey has taken us across borders and boundaries, from the bustling streets of Tbilisi to the tranquil landscapes of Marneuli and Bolnisi. With each passing year, we've strived to push the boundaries of artistic expression, exploring new sounds, genres, and collaborations that showcase the rich tapestry of music culture from all around the world.

One Caucasus Musicians

Check out the example of diversity of One Caucasus music - the line up of the last edition of One Caucasus Festival

Our Mission

We aim to create a platform where musicians from diverse backgrounds can come together to share their stories, blend their talents, and co-create innovative musical experiences that reflect the spirit of unity and solidarity. Through our music programming, we seek to break down barriers and build bridges between communities, fostering understanding and empathy among people of different backgrounds. Bringing together musicians from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, and beyond creates opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue, challenging stereotypes and fostering a sense of shared humanity.



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Pull Down Barriers! Build Bridges!

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What musicians say about the festival OC music the experience

You must all show up to the great festival in Georgia. Pull down barriers and build bridges. (...) So let nothing break your spirit! Keep it alive!

Jesse Jackson, 2016 Legendary leader of civil rights movement, USA

Flew across the world with @huntertonesband and found a brand new family. Words can’t really capture how close we got to all of these incredible people from all over the world who helped put on the @one_caucasus festival. Honored to make music at an event that promotes positivity and peace in a region of the world that really needs it. Another experience I’ll never forget.

Jon Lampley, 2016 Huntertones/Jon Batiste Band/Late Show Band/Stay Human

One Caucasus is doing a wonderful work so why won''t you shout out... One Caucasus Gaumarjos?!

Tamada, 2022 Artist

Everything here is like the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. All the words of his song are about this place

Erik Khanoyan, 2019 the guitarist from the Armenian band The Clocker

To be considered for a performance kindly apply via the link FORM.

Deadline: 30th of April 2024

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