Co-create One Caucasus 2024!

This is the call to all talented people around the world! To activists, animators, architects, carpenters, designers, educators, film-makers, journalists, performers, producers, researchers, visual artists, writers and interdisciplinary practitioners.  The longest journey starts with a single step. In times of brutal wars, lack of respect for freedom, dignity and human life – we need space for hope that […]

One Caucasus Festival: Where Art and Music Converge

The One Caucasus Festival is poised to captivate by merging art and music to connect communities. From August 9th to 23rd, volunteers will disperse throughout the Marneuli Region, facilitating a range of workshops – from visual arts to dance. Additionally, they are involved in construction activities for music festival.  The peak of the event will […]

Bolnisi Wine Festival: A Picture of Togetherness and Collaboration

During the Bolnisi Wine Festival, we had a wonderful time together. We had the opportunity to meet with a wine company, and they expressed interest in joining us for the festival. It was a great example of collaboration and coming together to celebrate the joy of wine!

One Caucasus Team Visits Marneuli Municipality for Tserakvi Festival 2023

The One Caucasus Team recently visited Marneuli Municipality to make preparations for the upcoming festival in Tserakvi. During the visit, a meeting was held to discuss security measures, ensuring the safety of all attendees. Our team is enthusiastic about supporting and contributing to the success of the festival.